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About Us


Lil About Skillet Creek

 Skillet  Creek Weapon Systems was started by me, Louie Pereira, in the town of  Gilroy, California. I wanted to bring back the small gun shop  experience. I will be offering sales by appointment only in our soon to open Salinas store. I not only  wanted to offer you your choice of firearm but pair it with the correct  ammunition, offer a proper maintenance plan and even training. So when  you leave Skillet Creek you are prepared to hit the dirt.  


Available Services

 Cleaning  service, includes (field striped) basic disassembling, cleaning, and  reassembling of your firearm. Your firearm is checked that it is in  proper working order after cleaning, and stored in a dehumidifier safe  and in a gun sock, waiting for pick up.

Installing of scope and sighting in with a boresight only

Installing of scope and sight in at range. A basic target will be provided as proof. The firearm will be cleaned upon completion. (does not include cost of ammo)  




Security Tips

The largest obstacle to personal safety is you. Many people think "It can't happen to me" or "what's going to happen, is going to happen".

An attack against you or your family can take place at any time. But you have the power to be in charge of what happens to you and your family by taking active responsibility for your own security. 

Residential Security  

  • Use quality locks on all entrances, including service doors and gates.
  • Don't leave keys "hidden" outside of your home. 
  • Keep doors locked even when you or family are at home.
  • Install locks on your fuse boxes or power panel and other external power sources. 
  • If you have bars on your windows, review fire safety and escape routes with your family. 
  • If you have security alarms, check and use them. 
  • Keep at least one fire extinguisher on each floor, in addition to one in the kitchen. 
  • Regularly check smoke detectors and the replace batteries. 
  • Vary daily routines and avoid predictable behavior patterns. 
  • Know where your family members are at all times. 

Security for Children

  • Teach your children to never answer the door to strangers.
  • Children should know local emergency phone numbers or how to dial 911.
  • Children, even young ones, should know their name, address, and phone number.
  • Caution teenagers about "blind dates" or meeting someone they do not know or someone     the met on the internet. 
  • Let children know they should not give out personal information, such as home address, absence     of adults, etc. over the phone or on the internet. 
  • Teach children to say no to strangers or even people they know if they are uncomfortable     with the situation.
  • Teach children how to get out of the house and where to go in case of emergency.


Don't be a victim of crime

  • Be alert
  • Be aware of people around you
  • Learn self-defense
  • Avoid locations and situations which make you a target, such as alley ways and dark parking     lots

In the Office

  • Never leave your purse or wallet in plain view
  • Clearly mark your personal property
  • Do not leave cash or valuables at the office
  • If you work late, find a coworker or a security guard to walk you out
  • Be aware of escape routes for emergencies



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